Thank you for giving LEASE ONE the opportunity to provide you with information on our company. We are a national leasing company located in St. Louis, Missouri.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best leasing services and programs available in the industry! As an independent brokerage, we work with many funding sources to ensure our clients that every lease application has the greatest opportunity of getting approved. Give us the opportunity to look at your application(s) first.

In order to effectively use leasing and thereby increase sales and ultimately your commissions, you should have a basic understanding of what leasing is designed to do. In essence, leasing is the ultimate "sales tool." There are many different leasing options designed to make it easy for your client to acquire equipment. You will be amazed at the flexibility of leasing!

David M. Rothenberg
President, Lease One

Lease-One Phone: 314-645-4440,

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